About Us

Frankie’s on the Park is the ultimate boutique shopping experience that celebrates girls as they grow.

Frankie’s is a not-so-secret sisterhood — a community that supports you, encourages you, and always has your back.

Girlhood? We’ve been there. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re here to show you the way. (Like we wish someone would have done for us when we were younger!)

You can be whoever you want to be, knowing that we’re right behind you cheering you on. Because we think confidence always looks good on you.

What We Believe In


Positivity is contagious — and you’ll feel that with every Frankie’s experience. There’s no judgement here, and no bad vibes. We’re here to lift you up, and do away with anything that brings you down.


You’re strong, you’re unique, you’re beautiful, and you can be anything you want to be. When you’re with us you’re part of a not-so-secret sisterhood — a community that supports you, encourages you, and always has your back.


Shopping for clothing should be a special experience. We were girls once, so we know exactly what you’re looking for, and can guide you towards it. We’ve customized the entire shopping experience for you, and we’ll make you feel like the only one in the room.

Our Story

Founder Lisa Burik launched Frankie’s on the Park in 2008, inspired by her oldest daughter, Frankie, who always used fashion as a way to express her individuality. Today, Frankie’s is a place for every girl to define her own sense of style, with a personally-curated wardrobe.

feel good, do good

Frankie's Gives Back

Another core part of our mission has always been to give back to our communities. From charity fashion shows, to gifting special party dresses, to hosting workshops that teach girls how to control their own narratives, we’re committed to efforts that supercharge girls’ potential and open new possibilities.

Our Causes

We’re proud to partner with organizations making a difference in our communities:

Shop for a Cause

Proceeds from specific sales are donated to: Lurie's Children's Hospital, Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, PCD Foundation, and more.

Fashion Fundraisers

Fashion shows and events to raise money, awareness and spirits: University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital Kids Fashion Show, Annual Dress Events at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

Donations to Those in Need

Clothing, gift boxes, time, and money: All About Dance/FEJ Orphanage/Haiti, Gracias, Present Now, and more

We have lots of exciting partnerships in the works and we’re always looking for more. Reach out to us at info@frankiesonthepark.com