frankie's girls

LA Squad


Age: 13

Sign: Leo

Favorite spot in LA: The Getty Villa

Hobbies & Passions: Theater, art, and writing

Loves: Phoebe Bridgers, crystals, tarot, plants, and animals.  

My Style in 3 Words: Casual, eclectic, comfortable. 

Life Goal: To perform on Broadway, write music, and produce my own music. 

Dream Vacation: Capri, Italy 

I Look Up To: Taylor Swift and Kamala Harris


Age: 14

Sign: Sagittarius 

Favorite spot in LA : Mario’s Cafe at Fred Segal

Fave Thing About Living in LA: So many dance studios 

Loves: Universal Studios, Disneyland, Surfing, dance, acting, sketching, chocolate ice cream

My Style in 3 Words: trendy, comfy, thrift 

Life Goal: To be happy, to win an Academy Award

Dream Vacation: I want to visit Paris

I Look Up To: Oprah and Zendaya


Age: 13

Sign: Sagittarius 

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: There are so many cool areas and unique places to eat. No matter where you go you know someone there whether it’s a celebrity or a friend. I love Sawtelle they have such good food!

Hobbies & Passions: Equestrian, Singing, Piano, Volleyball 

Loves: Pets, the color green, Harry Potter, plants, boba

My Style in 3 Words: Darker colors, jewelry, creative 

Life Goal: Travel around the world and see amazing places 

Dream Vacation: Paris, Italy, Greece

I Look Up To: Lily Rose Depp and Emma Chamberlain


Age: 13 

Sign: Libra 

Favorite Thing About LA: My favorite thing about LA is its diversity

Hobbies & Passions: Volleyball, dance, and modeling

I Love: My family, cooking, and Facetiming my best friend 

My Style in 3 Words: Simple, stylish, and fun

Dream Vacation: I would like to visit Tahiti

Life Goal: My life goal is to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment

I Look Up To: I look up to my mom because she is a independent woman


Age: 16

Sign: Libra

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: Living at the beach and being able to take master classes for dance

Hobbies & Passions: Dance and modeling 

Loves: My friends, traveling, food

My Style in 3 Words: Basic, girly, classy

Life Goal: Professional dancer or model

Place I Want to Visit: Bora Bora

I Look Up To: My dance teachers, my parents, my brothers


Age: 14

Sign: Gemini 

Favorite Spot in LA: I love Laguna Beach, the water is so clear and warm

Hobbies & Passions: Modeling, acting, makeup, cheerleading, Youtube video making, horseback riding, and surfing

Loves: Pasta, cats and dogs, and colorful houses

My Style in 3 Words: Colorful, funky, pattern 

Life Goal: To be successful and happy 

Dream Vacation: Greece, Bora Bora, Spain and Italy 

I Look Up To:¬†Olivia Rodrigo because she is very successful and talented ‚ô•ÔłŹ


Age: 12

Sign: Libra

Favorite Spot in LA: DISNEYLAND!!! And so many dance studios!!! 

Hobbies & Passions: I love to dance 

Loves: My new puppy, the color PINK, Disneyland 

My Style in 3 Words: Fun and comfortable!

Life Goal: To be a doctor 

Dream Vacation: Paris 

I Look Up To: My big sister who is so focused in life. She is only 14 and will be a Junior in high school.


Age: 15 

Sign: Taurus

Favorite Thing About LA: All the restaurants and fun spots to hang around

Hobbies & Passions: Dance, modeling

Loves: Sushi, being with my close friends, traveling

My Style in 3 Words: Classy, minimalistic, put together

Life Goal: To get more into modeling and go to a good college to learn something I love

Dream Vacation: The Maldives

I Look Up To: My mom


Age: 14

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: Watching the sunset on the Beach 

Hobbies & Passions: Playing soccer, making friendship bracelets, and making rings.

Loves: Crystals, plants, roller coasters, the color purple and stars ‚≠źÔłŹ¬†

My Style in 3 Words: Comfy, casual, trendy

Life goal: To become a Pediatrician

Dream Vacation: Italy

I Look Up To: Megan Rapinoe


Age: 13

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Thing About Living in LA:  THE FOOD!!

Hobbies & Passions: Surfing, dancing, and sewing clothes

Loves: Sushi, the beach, traveling, and making new friends

My Style in 3 Words: trendy, unique, and fun

Life Goal: To become a successful fashion designer 

Dream Vacation: Paris 

I Look Up To: my mom and auntie Laura


Age: 14 

Sign: Gemini 

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: I love living in Los Angeles because there’s always something to do that everyone loves, whether it’s the beach, eating fresh food, shopping, or museums! 

Hobbies & Passions: I run cross country and do tennis and love photography/videography! A few passions of mine are spirituality/astrology, traveling and journalism/ writing! 

I Love: I adore thrifting, book shopping with friends, traveling, New York City, and Vampire Diaries.

My Style in 3 Words: Streetwear, vintage, casual 

Dream Vacation: I would love to visit Croatia or Africa! 

Life Goal: My life goal is to experience and appreciate many cultures through traveling the world ! 

I Look Up To: I look up to Emma Watson because she inspires me to have passion for what i want to accomplish in life!


Age: 12

Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Spot in LA: Santa Monica pier and hanging with friends.

Hobbies & Passions: Singing and music

I Love: Fluff, bagels, and NYC

My Style in 3 Words: Easy, minimalistic, comfy

Dream Vacation: Paris

Life Goal: To model for Chanel 

I Look Up To: Romee Strijd, Naomi Campbell.


Age: 12

Sign: Pisces

Favorite Thing About LA: It has so many different types of food to try and so many fun activities from all around the world

Hobbies and Passions: I love dancing to hip hop and love playing tennis. I'm really passionate about helping others.

Loves: dogs, sushi, pizza, pastel pink, Bora Bora, and Converse

My Style in 3 Words: trendy, indie, cozy

Life Goal: To become a dancer or become a neurosurgeon

Dream Vacation: Some places in Asia like Tokyo and China

I Look Up To: My sister who always encourages me to do my best.


Age: 12

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Spot in LA: Cha Cha Matcha 

Hobbies & Passions: Soccer, fashion, cross country 

I Love: Dogs, pink (the color), roller coasters, gold jewelry, socializing 

My Style in 3 Words: Chic, preppy, modern

Dream Vacation:

Life Goal: Be CEO of a fashion magazine, become an interior designer, or play professional soccer

I Look Up To: My grandma and young fashion entrepreneurs


Age: 15

Sign: Aries ‚ôąÔłŹ

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: Being close to the beach

Hobbies & Passions: Volleyball, Basketball, Surfing, Hanging out with friends, being with animals

I Love: Tulips, twinkly lights, sushi, dream catchers, dolphins

My Style in 3 Words: Funky, Beachy, Comfy

Life Goal: To travel the world with friends

I Look Up To: Michelle Obama


Age: 14

Sign: Pisces

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: The sunsets, the beach and the mountains

Hobbies & Passions: Snowboarding, surfing, cheerleading and modeling

I Love: Hanging out with friends, roller coasters, my dog and my family

My Style in 3 Words: Beachy, trendy and basic

Dream Vacation: Hawaii, Bora Bora, and Bali

Life Goal: Live near the beach and become a marine biologist!! Work hard and be successful!

I Look Up To: My mom


Age: 14

Sign: Aries

Favorite Thing About Living in LA: Having so many cool spots like Melrose, Beverly Hills, and other gorgeous places like the beaches. I also love the sunsets!!

Hobbies & Passions: Dancing, modeling, acting

I Love: Dancing, fashion, sage green, sushi

My Style in 3 Words: Preppy, fairy-like, vintage

Dream Vacation: Paris, Hawaii, and I love New York

Life Goal: I want to be successful while doing something I love!!! I want to act and be in the fashion industry.

I Look Up To: Gigi Hadid